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Photos from ICMC 2000 Berlin

Hairi Vogel's SWARK - an SC class library for modular synthesis


underground party

performance of Cage/Hiller piece HPSCHD at the Philharmonie


Following photos: The Idea of David Tudor's Rainforest. Ron Kuivila, et al.

The setup here was ca. 12 networked Macintoshes running SuperCollider controlling each other over the net via Open Sound Control and each sending audio to transducers mounted on various objects in the room. The Macs could influence the routing of other Macs to the various objects. A person or team at each station wrote their own sound synthesis routines to be fed to the transducers.


Rainforest 2

Rainforest 3

Rainforest 4


Off ICMC - Podeweil 1

Off ICMC - Podeweil 2


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