How to get the SuperCollider source code from SourceForge

We have switched to using Subversion. You can check out a copy from subversion with the following command :

svn co supercollider

Step by step on Mac OS X [under construction]:

First you need to install the subversion client. You can get it from here or here.

Once you have that, SvnX is a nice GUI client for svn that you might like.

Open the Terminal application.

go to a directory where you want to put the SuperCollider directory. For example:

cd ~/Documents

Then type the following command:

svn co supercollider

You should see lines like the following:

A    supercollider/SuperCollider3Service
A    supercollider/SuperCollider3Service/SCService.pbproj
A    supercollider/SuperCollider3Service/SCService.pbproj/project.pbxproj
A    supercollider/SuperCollider3Service/SCService_main.m

After this you will have the project in a folder named "supercollider".

You will also need to install libsndfile in order to build.