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The SuperCollider FAQ :

What is SuperCollider?

SuperCollider is an environment and programming language for real time audio synthesis. You can write programs to generate or process sound in real time or non real time. SuperCollider can be controlled by MIDI, the mouse, Wacom graphics tablet, and over a network via Open Sound Control.

A list of version 2 sound processing operations.

What is the programming language like?

SuperCollider is mostly like Smalltalk but has a different syntax. Everything is a first class object including integers, floats, chars. It uses Smalltalk style dynamic binding of methods. SuperCollider has very flexible argument passing: positional arguments, any-order keyword arguments, variable length argument lists, default argument values. SuperCollider has first class closures like Scheme and co-routines.

Where can I download it?

See the download links on the home page

What does it run on?

SuperCollider versions 2 and 3d5.1 run on MacOS 8 and 9. SC Server runs on MacOS X.

How much does it cost?

SuperCollider is now a FREE program.

Is the source code available?

Due to licensing restrictions on code I used in version 2, I am unable to make the full source available. SC Server source code is available from SourceForge.

Are there any tutorial materials available to help learn SuperCollider?

Yes. Included with the download there is my own tutorial and Mark Polishook's tutorial. David Cottle has written some course material in pdf format. There is also more available at the SuperCollider swiki site.

Will it run on Linux?

Yes. Stefan Kersten has ported SC Server to Linux.

Some work has been done on a Windows port, but it is not done.

What is version 3d5 ?

Version 3d5 was an attempt at a new architecture. One thing that was new in version 3 is image synthesis. I have moved on to a newer architecture called SC Server, so version 3 will never be completed. download version 3

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