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A simple MacOS X Cocoa CoreAudio demo application.

WARNING: This code is here only for historical/novelty reasons and should not be used for production. It makes certain assumptions about your audio hardware without checking and will lead to bad results or crashes on some audio hardware. I wrote this before I had a good understanding of the HAL and it does things incorrectly. Don't use it.

For those who have any interest in developing your own audio apps for MacOSX, I have made a small Cocoa + CoreAudio demo project.

This is a simple sinewave oscillator controlled by GUI sliders. Thanks to Cocoa it takes very few lines of code.

This program shows how to get audio out of OS X in as few lines as possible, it is not a "how to do everything you ever wanted to do with CoreAudio" demo.

The download file is 14K.

 Download the Sinedemo project: sinedemo.tar.gz


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